House Rules

Those familiar with my GM style know that I enjoy encouraging people to both utilize Obsidian Portal and to actively grow and develop their characters, with Numenera it is expected that you will simply do this as a natural part of playing the game but I will continue to give some encourgement of this. So here are the alterations I’m making for your benefit…you’re welcome.


This is one of the standard expectations inside Numenera, that you will describe what and how your doing an action. If you have ever played Exalted then you know what stunting is if not I will explain. If you describe your action “I lift my sword above my head, bring my shield up in a defensive position, and swing down using the full force of my arm and body across their torso.” Because it is expected this will not ern you any benefit. However if you give me a really detailed description that involves really good cinematic language and I think you have done an exemplary job I may choose to give you an asset on your attack for your efforts. This will reduce some of the pressure of describing battles from me and thus I will reward your efforts. If you give a truly great description that I think is extraordinary, utilizing your seroundings, the description of the enemy or impediment, and uses some truely out of the box thinking to find a solution to a probem I may choose to award you a point of XP in addition to your asset. Note While this is the goal I would like you to aim for with all your descriptions this reward is going to be very hard to achieve, while I may be a little fast and loose with the reward of an asset I will need to be genuenly impressed with your description in order to award this XP. Also you can only recieve this reward once per session. After having recievied your XP please continue with your great descriptions for the rest of the session but for balance concerns I will only give you this award once.

Bonus XP for Journals and Excellent Role-play

Role-playing and journal bonuses are given in the form of XP bonuses to be spent according to the base rules of Numenera. An in character journal or comparable hand-in/update on obsidian portal receives one bonus XP. You can also earn bonus XP by providing to the groups nourishment either through purchasing food or bringing something you made yourself. Additionally one bonus XP for excellent role-play will be awarded each session, we will alternate each week with that XP being awarded solely by me and the next week by a group vote (I will not have a vote unless there is a tie in which case I will function as tie breaker). In addition I’m giving you an oppertunity to gain some XP to start the game off.

Bonus XP at Character Creation
reward requirement
1/2 Create or find a Portrait for their character and post to Obsidian Portal.
1/2 Create and post their character stats to Obsidian Portal.
1 Create a minimum 1 page, character background…preferably longer.
By doing everything you start the game with 2xp

House Rules

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